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SpecialOffers events



Friday 16 November

  7.30pm  King of Hearts (1966)
  Surreal & whimsical allegory about the madness of war
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Comedy  Ealing

Friday 23 November

  7.30pm  Punishment Park (1971)
  An alternate America in the near future
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Ealing

Wednesday 28 November

  Residential Flats Managing Agents
  Save money, get peace of mind
  SpecialOffers  Advice  Help

Friday 30 November

  7.30pm  Taking Off (1971)
  Fond, perceptive look at Americana
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Comedy  Ealing

Friday 7 December

  7.30pm  Comfort and Joy (1984)
  Quirky characters and sly offbeat irony
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Ealing

Friday 14 December

  7.30pm  The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (1944)
  Wacky situations and sharp-witted dialogue
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Comedy  Ealing