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Community and Volunteering events



Monday 19 February

  6-7.15pm  Beaver scouts (12th Northolt)
  Activities for children 6-8 years
  Children  Community  Scouts  Northolt

Wednesday 21 February

  7.15-8pm  Cub Scouts (12th Northolt)
  Activities for children 8-10 years
  Children  Community  Scouts  Northolt

Friday 23 February

  7-9pm  Scouts (12th Northolt)
  Activities for children 10-14 years
  Children  Community  Scouts  Northolt

Saturday 3 March

  10am-2pm  Northwood Craft Market
  Craft Market run by volunteers
  Market  Children  Family  Community  Northwood

Sunday 11 March

  10.30am-12.30pm  Cranford Park: Secret Garden
  Come and help with light gardening
  Volunteer  Hobby  Free  Cranford

Thursday 15 March

  8.30-10pm  Annual charity auction
  Harrow & Wembley Outdoor Group
  Free  Hobby  KeepFit  Community  Harrow