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Crawfords Butchers (020 8422 4922)

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Quality butchers in Oldfields Circus, Northolt. OPEN EVERY DAY. Fresh, prepared and cooked meat, goat, mutton, burgers, sausages, scotch beef, delicatessen, pate, fresh eggs, cheese, grocery, Irish foods

New season potatoes, from Ireland, fresh every Tuesday

Crawfords Butchers Christmas Club
Spread the cost of Christmas & Crawfords will add to your spending money!

Put aside money weekly** (or when you like), towards your Christmas meal.

Crawfords will keep your money safe. You can spend it in our shop whenever you like.

In Christmas week Crawfords will add £1 for every £10 you have saved, to spend in the shop.

Sign up today!

** Terms and conditions apply

39 Oldfields Circus

Contact: Scott, Chris

Phone: 020 8422 4922

Opening hours

 Monday: 8.30am - 7pm
 Tuesday: 8.30am - 7pm
 Wednesday: 8.30am - 6pm
 Thursday: 8.30am - 7pm
 Friday: 8.30am - 7pm
 Saturday: 7am - 6pm
 Sunday: 8am - 4pm
 Bank holiday: Bank holiday 8am - 4pm (early closing)

Looking for a Sunday Roast? Or a tasty snack? Or maybe a nutritious but easy-to-cook evening meal after a long day?

How about a Full English Breakfast: homemade sausages, black & white pudding, bacon, kidneys plus a Celtic twist with haggis!

We have a wide variety of fresh meat, grocery, cheese and eggs.

Plus various Irish foods including tea, chocolate, and cakes. A Queens potato delivery every Tuesday, available in 5Kg bags.

Drop in any time

Grocery foods at Crawfords


Scotch Beef

English Chicken

English Pork

English Lamb

Grocery tins, packets, quality food

New Zealand Lamb

Veal / Liver / Duck

Bacon (smoked & non-smoked)

Mince (freshly minced on premises)

Delicatessen meats at Crawfords
Delicatessen meats

Sausages (handmade)



Kebabs (fresh chunks of meat with peppers on skewers)