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Market events



Sunday 16 December

  10am-3pm  Christmas Artisan Food & Craft Market (weekend)
  Local artists, crafters, food producers
  Food  Market  Christmas  Music  Children  Ruislip

Tuesday 18 December

  7am-5pm  The Village Butchers (Market)
  Market fresh meat, fruit and vegetables
  Market  Food  Denham Green
  8am-7pm  Order your Christmas Turkey
  Memorable Christmas Feast
  Christmas  Food  Market  Northolt

Thursday 20 December

  8am-7pm  Crawfords Butchers (Market)
  Golden Wonder potatoes, direct from Ireland every Thursday
  Food  Market  Northolt

Friday 21 December

  10-11.30am  Ruislip Country Market
  Fresh fruit & vegetables, crafts
  Market  Food  Ruislip

Saturday 22 December

  9am-1pm  Ealing Farmers Market
  Fresh meat, vegetables, cheese, cakes & more
  Market  Food  Ealing

Sunday 6 January

  10am-2pm  Foodies Market
  Hot, cold & raw (!) food
  Food  Market  Ruislip