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Mother Goose

  When: Thursday 14 December: 7pm
  How often: 14-17, 19-23, 27-31 December, 1 January
  Cost: £16-£18, concessions
  Tickets: Buy tickets online
  Email: Questors

The Questors present Mother Goose by Ben Crocker

Where: The Questors Theatre (Judi Dench Playhouse), 12 Mattock Lane
Ealing, London W5 5BQ

An adventure to Magic Mountain to save a little goose from a wicked troll!

Join us for a fun, family adventure this Christmas with Mother Goose -- our laugh-out-loud panto.

Sing along, shout at the nasty troll, meet the Giant Geese of Boundtobiteyou and even do some yodelling!

Oh -- and don’t forget to wear your Christmas jumper!

The story of Mother Goose:
Smorg the wicked troll wants to steal Heidi the little goose away from Mother Goose -- and eat her for Christmas dinner!

But Heidi is no ordinary goose -- she can lay golden eggs.

And so when the grumpy Baron Von Rumpensmakka finds out he wants to snatch her away too -- and make lots of money from her golden eggs.

Mother Goose and her daughter must take the perilous flight by hot air balloon to Magic Mountain to save Heidi.

But the wicked troll and the grumpy Baron are racing there too -- will Mother Goose get there in time?

Phone: 020 8742 2861



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