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La Cenerentola (E)

  When: Sunday 17 December: 7pm
  Cost: £10 (supper available from 6pm)
  Tickets: No need to book tickets, just come along

Pitshanger Pictures screens films to stimulate conversation and discussion on questions in life

Supper served from 6 pm onwards

Where: St Barnabas Church, Pitshanger Lane
Ealing, London W5 1QG

This has to be one of the greatest productions ever of an opera.

Ponnelle’s production is an all time classic, funny but with plenty of pathos.

Abaddo conducts with élan and fizz and the cast is absolutely superb.

To single anyone out would be an injustice but by the end if you’re not hopelessly in love with Frederica von Stade then you’re not human!



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