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The Real Inspector Hound

  When: Saturday 23 June: 4pm
  How often: 21-23 June, plus Saturday matinee
  Cost: £10, concessions, plus booking fee
  Tickets: Buy tickets online

Hill Players present The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

Where: The Studio, Harrow Arts Centre, 171 Uxbridge Road
Hatch_End, Middlesex HA5 4EA

Stoppard’s absurdist farce
A satiric play-within-a-play, this parody focuses on two theatre critics, insecure Moon and womanising Birdboot, as they review an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery.

Lady Muldoon’s husband disappeared a decade ago.

While she cannot forsake her husband’s memory, she is wooed by her wheelchair-bound brother-in-law, Major Muldoon, and enticed by the enigmatic Simon, a new neighbour.

Her dear friend Felicity, however, has her heart set on Simon, and worse yet, there is an escaped madman on the loose ... last seen near the grounds of Muldoon Manor.

Thankfully, the heroic Inspector Hound is on the case!

As the play unfolds, Moon and Birdboot find themselves unwittingly swept up into the action, their personal predicaments mirroring the events of the play.

Will the madman be apprehended?

Is there a murderer in their midst?

And of course: who truly is the real Inspector Hound?

Phone: 020 3773 7161


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