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The Effect

  When: Friday 27 October: 7.45pm
  How often: 27-29, 31 October, 1-4 November, Sunday matinee only (29th)
  Cost: £14-£18, concessions; £7 on 27 October
  Tickets: Buy tickets online
  Email: Questors

The Questors present The Effect by Lucy Prebble

Where: The Questors Theatre (Studio), 12 Mattock Lane
Ealing, London W5 5BQ

This is your brain on love
Tristan and Connie are guinea-pigs in a clinical trial for a new anti-depressant.

Locked-in for the duration of the trial, they develop intense feelings for each other, but is it love or a side-effect?

Does it matter?

Exploring the euphoria of love and the terrifying hopelessness of depression, the limits of medicine, scientific objectivity, neurology, guilt, loyalty and sex, Lucy Prebble’s The Effect asks us, are we more than the sum total of our chemistry?

Can you tell the difference between who you are and a side-effect?

Suitable for ages 16+

Phone: 020 8567 0011



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