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Ballet classes

  When: Saturday 21 October: 9.30am-1.15pm
  How often: Every Saturday
  Cost: £5-6
  Email: Elaine

Classes in Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and Street dance for girls and boys.

Free trial class and a sibling discount

Where: Islip Manor Community Centre, Arnold Road
Northolt, Middlesex UB5 5TB

Whether singing or performing in a dance, encouraging your child in performing arts is a great way to create a well-rounded education.

Girls and boys are welcome.

Baby Ballet
These are lively but structured classes that develop children's physical skills and encourage creativity, expression, and musicality.

9.30-10.15am, 3-5 years, £5

Starting ballet lessons is exciting for children as well as parents.
Dance is a wonderful activity for kids, capable of fostering a positive self-image in both girls and boys.

Dance lessons can teach a child self-confidence, self-discipline, poise, and grace.

A child introduced to dance at an early age will likely develop a love of the arts and a passion for rhythm and movement.

Most importantly, dancing is lots of fun.

We teach the Royal Academy Ballet Syllabus.

9.30-10.30am, 7-9 years, £6
10.15-11.15am, 5-7 years, £6 -- Includes tap dancing
10.30-11.30am, 12-14 years, £6
11.30am-12.30, 9-11 years, £6
11.30am-12.30, 9-12 years, £6
12.30-1.15pm, 12 years and older, £5 -- Pointe work
12.30-1.30pm, 15 years and older, £6
1.15-2.15pm, 11-13 years, £6

Contact: Elaine Ingram

Mobile: 07958 640304


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