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Red Tent for Women

  When: Saturday 15 December: 4-7pm
  How often: Every Month
  Cost: Free
  Email: Sabina

-- A monthly meeting place where women come together for mutual support
-- Somewhere you can take time out from commitments to family & work
-- Sharing stories, experiences & skills with women of all ages & backgrounds

Where: Venue revealed when you book your place

Red Tent is for Ladies ONLY
Join Hayley and Sabina in taking time out from our busy lives.

Slow down, rest, talk, share refreshments/food, creative pursuits -- helping us recharge for the month ahead.

Our next Red Tent is in Uxbridge. Address will be revealed when you book your place.

We have a cat; if you are allergic, please take an antihistamine before you come.

What you can expect:
-- Meeting other like minded women
-- Sharing circle (no obligation to talk if you don’t feel like sharing)
-- Activities - sharing skills (there might be yoga, massage, meditation, reiki, someone might wish to bring food...)
-- Free time with refreshments

Please bring anything you would like to share; something which is meaningful to stimulate some discussion and reflection.

Note that you are not obliged to join in any activities if you do not wish to do so.

MOST importantly, the circle acts as a moment in the month where nothing more is asked of us than to simply be with where we are in ourselves, our bodies and our lives.

The event is FREE of charge, although donations towards costs are welcome.

To Book your place email Sabina

About red tent
The Red Tent is a worldwide movement, creating regular feminine spaces for women to share their stories, rest and gain strength to meet the challenges of our time and their daily lives.

This is an ancient tradition that we believe, in the modern world will make a difference, not only to women themselves but also to all the people around them.

In short, we “know” that the simple act of creating safe and empowering feminine spaces is life and world changing.

Each Red Tent develops its own distinct rhythm and pattern to the gathering that works for those that come.

Equally the activities on any given day may differ.

The Red Tent is a place where we can take off the roles we play in our own lives and provides a tune to be together just as we are

Contact: Sabina


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