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George Orwell's 1984

  When: Thursday 14 November: 7.45pm
  How often: 7-10, 13-16 November; Sunday matinee only (10th)
  Cost: £14-£18, concessions; £8 on 7 November
  Tickets: Buy tickets online
  Email: Questors

The Questors present George Orwell's 1984 adapted by Matthew Dunster

Where: The Questors Theatre (The Playhouse), 12 Mattock Lane
Ealing, London W5 5BQ

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength
The year is 1984, and Winston Smith lives in the crumbling metropolis of London.

He is a government employee in this terrifying dystopian world, and his job is to the rewrite history for the Ministry of Truth.

When he is handed a note that says ‘I love you’ by a woman he barely knows, he tries to rebel against this repressive regime and risk everything to search for the truth.

But in this closely monitored society, is there any escape from Big Brother?

The Questors Theatre's 90th anniversary celebratory production.

Suitable for ages 13+

Phone: 020 8567 0011



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