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Little Warriors: Stay and Play

  When: Thursday 5 March: 10am-12pm
  How often: Every Thursday
  Cost: £3
  Email: Little Warriors: Stay and Play

Young children age 0-5 years
Siblings of pre-school age welcome

Our venue is a NO SHOES zone -- please bring a spare pair of socks!

Where: Barnhill Community Centre, Ayles Road
Hayes, Middlesex UB4 9HG

For children with complex special needs

-- Sensory play
-- Crafts
-- Role play
-- Bouncy castle
-- Soft play
-- Dark den with fibre optic lights

Free Tea and coffee, snacks

We are a Stay and Play group for children from birth to 5 years.

You stay and play with your child/children, and help them learn, grow and play.

We are a group for children with special needs, but all children are welcome to come along.

We have a new craft each week, and the toys are rotated so the children won't ever get bored.

We also have snack time then singing, and encourage children and adults alike to join in