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Von Ribbentrop's Watch

  When: Sunday 3 March: 3pm
  How often: 28-29 February, 1-3 March plus Saturday matinee; Sunday matinee only (3rd)
  Cost: £15, plus online booking fee
  Tickets: Booking options

East Lane Theatre Club present Von Ribbentrop's Watch, by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

From the writers of The New Statesman and Birds of a Feather, this play is based on a true story of a watch with a notorious previous owner

Where: East Lane Theatre, Vale Farm, Watford Road
Sudbury, Middlesex HA0 3HG

Perfect ‘dilema play’ with brilliant comedy
Gerald Roth, is a struggling wine merchant. To save his ailing business he’s started selling assets.

His watch is an antique; maybe it’ll pay for a month’s rent on his shop.

When Gerald learns the watch once belonged to Von Ribbentrop, a leading Nazi, he realises he could put it into auction and solve all his money problems.

Providing his family doesn’t find out, because his jealous brother, overbearing mother, and pious wife would never speak to him again.

The problem is that the family has gathered for the annual Passover dinner, and somehow his brother has got his hands on the valuation letter from Sotheby’s...

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