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Absent Friends

  When: Tuesday 18 December: 7.45pm
  How often: 18 December - 5 January 2019, including matinees
  Cost: £14-£18, concessions; £7 on 18th December
  Tickets: Buy tickets online
  Email: Questors

The Questors present Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn

Where: The Questors Theatre (The Studio), 12 Mattock Lane
Ealing, London W5 5BQ

Whatever happened to the good old days?
Colin’s fiancé has recently passed away.

His estranged friends never met her, but a gathering has been organised to cheer him up.

Some aren’t too enthusiastic about the reunion, however ...

The old gang try their best to console their pal through his grief, but there is huge tension in the air.

Dodgy deals, extramarital affairs, trivial illness and a paper towel holder all hinder the group as the cracks in their friendships begin to appear.

In fact, it's poor Colin who is the happiest of the lot!

A 1975 piece of masterful dark comedy by Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Absent Friends is a bittersweet, hysterical look at love, friendship and the realisation of middle age

Phone: 020 8567 0011



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