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  When: Thursday 26 September: 7.45pm
  How often: 20-22, 24-28 September; Sunday matinee only (22nd)
  Cost: £14-£18, concessions; £8 on 20 September
  Tickets: Buy tickets online
  Email: Questors

The Questors Present Table by Tanya Ronder

Where: The Questors Theatre (Studio), 12 Mattock Lane
Ealing, London W5 5BQ

A century of family conflict, and a table that sees it all
To celebrate his marriage, David Best crafts a table which is passed down from generation to generation.

The table travels across continents and time, becoming the centrepiece for families and communities.

It bears witness to their fights and their love-making, their coming together and their splitting apart.

It journeys from England to a convent in Africa, to a hippy commune in Herefordshire, before ending up in present day south London.

Here, Gideon, great-grandson of the original craftsman, confronts the family that he abandoned but now longs for.

This funny and thoughtful tale spans six generations of the Best family and explores belonging, identity and the things that mean the most.

Suitable for ages 15+

Phone: 020 8567 0011



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