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Folk and Modern Jazz with Peter Slavid

  When: Sunday 16 June: 11am-1pm
  How often: Every Sunday
  Cost: Free

91.8 Hayes FM

11.00 - 12.00 Folk Music today

12.00 - 1.00 Modern Jazz from UK and Europe

My taste in music has always been a bit different!

Starting over 50 years ago, listening to modern jazz, blues, folk and world music, I have always enjoyed music from outside the mainstream.

For the last 15 years I have helped out as a volunteer working with musicians, festivals and clubs to help promote and spread the word about the music I love.

I'm bringing two hours of this music to Hayes FM.

An hour of folk music -- including news of live music in London; followed by an hour of Modern Jazz.

Both programmes will focus on new music from bands and musicians playing today, but with a smattering of classics from the past

Contact: Peter Slavid



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